Friday, October 11, 2013

Upload Files and update MYSQL the idea of the user ksarabey we create the second public plugin for "Our Server API" , the goal of this plugin is allow upload files by POST, save in our Drive and update the Database..

The plugin is very simple and easy to use ...

We provide the plugin file ... to install just copy in the folder "/app/models/queries/".


For use you can download and import an example reated by us

    Simple Upload POST with MySQL

we appreciate much  your comments ... :)


for the test ... you can create this simple code...

<form action="api/upload/post/mysql" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" >
    <input type="file" name="file">
    <button type="submit">Upload</submit>

1 comment:

  1. I want to upload photo and save the name of photo in database and afther that get the photos id from sql by one query. But it's not working. How can i do that?

    Here is my query:
    INSERT INTO `photos` (`status`, `photo`) VALUES ('0', :file_name);
    select LAST_INSERT_ID();